1. The Pine Muse white paper (hereinafter referred to as the 'white paper') has been prepared as of the date of the cover and it won’t be guaranteed that any content in this white paper won’t be subject to change until the future. This white paper may be changed or updated at any time without notice.

2. The purpose of this white paper is to provide summarized information and introduction to Pine Muse. This white paper is not legally binding on the PIM Foundation and Pine Muse, and any wording in the white paper are not in the nature of subscription, purchase, investment proposal, or investment coercion.

3. All information or analysis in this white paper cannot be the basis for investment decision, and is not an investment proposal or advice. The contents or data containing the future-planned nature in this white paper may be changed for any reason, may not be accurate, and there is no guarantee or commitment regarding the contents or data.

4. The PIM Foundation and Pine Muse, including directors, agents, employees, contractors and partners, are not liable for any kind of damage based on the information contained in this white paper that may occur directly or indirectly, as follows:

ㆍAccuracy and completeness of contract contents in accordance with this white paper 

ㆍErrors or omissions in the white paper 

ㆍImpossibility of reading the white paper due to unconfirmed causes 

ㆍAll other damage arising from the use or non-use of the white paper 

5. The PIM Foundation and Pine Muse, including directors, agents, employees, contractors and partners, are not solely liable for any of the followings that can arise from decision-making actions using the information contained in this white paper, even if prior warning has been given or the damage can be foreseen:

ㆍProfits, revenues, liabilities and all other forms of monetary damage 

ㆍIncomes, sales, capital reduction, debt, and other losses incurred during business transactions, business activities, and operating profit-related activities 

ㆍData loss or corruption 

ㆍIncidental or special damages 

ㆍWasted or lost time 

ㆍIndirect or inevitable damages 

6. The contents of the white paper may change depending on the ongoing business contents of Pine Muse, changes in the market, technological development, and changes in token regulation. However, the PIM Foundation and Pine Muse are not obligated to notify or report changes in this white paper to readers in the future.

7. It is entirely up to the PIM owners to determine taxation such as income tax, and the legal feasibility of overseas exchange, which may occur regarding the disposition of PIM within their legal jurisdiction.

8. Publication and distribution of this white paper is prohibited in countries where publication and distribution of white papers are prohibited. The publication and distribution of this white paper does not guarantee compliance with all the regulations of the country in which it was issued. The information in this white paper has not been verified or approved by any regulatory body. These actions have not been and will not be taken in any jurisdiction.

9. The official material for Pine Muse is a white paper written in Korean. The white paper may be translated into other languages. It may be used to communicate verbally or in writing with readers, etc., and some information may be misinterpreted or lost in the process. Therefore, the accuracy of communication cannot be guaranteed. If inaccurate communications occur and there are disputes over their interpretation, the information in the official white paper written in Korean takes precedence.

10. The original contents of this white paper are protected by copyright. You may download or print individual sections of the white paper only if you have personal use or other ownership notices. Without prior written permission of the PIM foundation or Pine Muse, this white paper may not be reproduced in whole or in part, or may not be modified, linked, or used for public or commercial purposes.

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