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Securing copyrights for K-pop remake

Music copyrights held by composers, lyricists, etc. generate stable copyright profits until 70 years after death, regardless of macroeconomic fluctuations. In addition, it is possible to increase returns through value-up of copyrights such as remake auditions, album releases, and expansion of overseas distribution channels. In the case of Korea, legal stability of music copyrights is guaranteed through trust management of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). 

Pine Muse secures the copyrights for remake as many as possible to support the remake audition ecosystem. It creates a copyright-specialized fund using financial techniques, like the ‘Hipgnosis Song Fund.’ The copyright fund purchases music copyrights and provides them as a major asset in the Pine Muse ecosystem. It plans to continue to secure copyrights held by copyright investment companies as well as composers and lyricists to expand the ecosystem.

Global K-pop online remake audition

An audition will be held for global amateur artists like composers, singers and the general public regularly on schedule, after selecting masterpieces with high remake value. All audition processes are conducted online, and winners are determined by combining the preference of platform participants and the assessment of expert group. Profits generated during the audition process are shared with both participants and voters. In other words, it is an 'E & E (Enjoy & Earn) audition system' in which profits are generated while enjoying music.

Audition features

It is a system in which the entire process of audition, from applying for participation in the audition to voting and ranking, is conducted online. All audition processes, including applying for participation, video posting, user voting, comment posting, and ranking, will be conducted online through the Pine Muse remake audition platform. 

The remake audition platform will have an online voting system that allows users to easily watch and vote for contents. An elastic voting system will be applied depending on the nature of each audition, such as limiting the number of votes per day and randomly selecting winners of voting events. 

The remake audition platform will also be built with 'NFT Minting' and 'Marketplace' systems so that auditions can be conducted based on NFTs and virtual assets. 

The remake audition platform will be opened with ‘Artist Home,’ where artists’ history and their audition entry content are posted. In addition, 'Artist Home' is planned to be built with a scheduler and SNS functions that allow artists to directly communicate with their fandom, an online concert viewing system, etc. 

In addition, a revenue sharing system will be introduced to share profits generated through the remake audition platform, such as audition hosting, artist sponsorship, and neighboring rights, with artists, voters, and other related parties according to their contribution.

Audition type
  • Regular remake audition

Composers, singers, bands, and the general public will challenge to remake in a free genre and format with remake target songs designated by Pine Muse each regular remake audition.

The opportunity to participate in the audition is given to those who purchase the ‘Remake Rights NFT.’ Artists and the general public purchase the ‘Remake Rights NFT’ and can post their audition entry content on the platform.

※Pine Muse remake audition procedure 

The contents applied for the audition are evaluated by the platform users and the expert group. The platform users can mark their preference on the audition entry contents every day during the voting period. Audition rankings are determined by combining the preference of platform users and the assessment of expert group.

The top 30% of audition participants will be paid a portion of the sales revenue of the 'Remake Rights NFT' according to their contribution. Some of the winners will be supported with ‘K-pop comprehensive management’ to grow into professional artists. Audition voters will be paid a portion of the sales revenue of the ‘Remake Rights NFT’ as vote rewards according to their contribution. Detailed revenue sharing method will be described later.

  • Non-regular audition

Various audition events other than remake auditions are held non-regularly to energize the Pine Muse ecosystem. B2B marketing auditions are held from time to time, including audition events for the production of movie and drama OSTs, cover song and cover dance events for marketing new songs, and audition events for promoting the launch of new products such as automobiles.

Producing K-pop remake albums and creating neighboring rights

Pine Muse produces regular remake albums among audition entry songs provided during the audition process. Under the direction of an executive producer, the remake albums are released after establishing a strategy, casting singers and arrangers, mixing and mastering, etc. As the Pine Muse ecosystem expands, the number of remake albums produced will also increase.

The remake album is planned to be produced as a content OST in consultation with content producers for dramas, movies, etc. to contribute to the energization of the Pine Muse ecosystem. In addition, it will be registered on various streaming sites such as YouTube and Spotify so that it can be used as a sound source for streaming and content production. 

The profits from neighboring rights generated from the remake album are shared with platform participants. Detailed revenue sharing method will be described later.

Supporting program for the growth of global K-pop amateur artists

Global K-pop music creation center through remake audition

Artists can create free and creative remake songs by breaking away from existing genres and formats without having to concern about copyright infringement. 

Through evaluation by global users, a system in which creative remakes that can stimulate their sentiments are properly evaluated, will bring out the potential of artists to their fullest.

Fandom management through Artist Home

‘Artist Home,’ which is built in the Pine Muse remake platform, is a system that allows seeing the artist’s music history in one glance, including audition participation content, busking, and concert. The artist scheduler shows the major activities of 23 artists in real time. The SNS chat function allows artists and fandoms to communicate. 

An online concert system will also be established in ‘Artist Home’ where a small number of people can participate. The artists' online concert is relayed in real time to 'Artist Home,' so that artists can communicate with their fandoms.

K-pop management: From amateur to professional musician

Some of the audition winners will be provided with an opportunity to grow into professional musicians through a comprehensive ‘K-pop management’ system. Singers will receive artist training specialized in K-pop from famous K-pop trainers, including vocals, styling, hair and makeup. Arrangers will be trained to improve their composing skills, with a famous composer as a mentor. In addition, through co-operation with entertainment companies not only in Korea but also overseas, opportunities are given for debuts and activities in Korea or one's own country. 

Some of the audition winners will be supported to produce remake albums. Copyright registration following the production of the remake albums will also be made, and profits will be compensated accordingly.

Creating a Pine Muse global K-pop multi-culture complex

‘Multi-culture complex’ that can become a global K-pop landmark will also be built. It is a crucial space for the global community where people can enjoy the performances of Pine Muse artists online and offline, and create their own music content, and communicate each other. 

It is a space that supports various music activities in global online and metaverse space even after auditions. It plans to support audition winners' global online concerts, metaverse performances, XR/VR music video productions, etc. It is a membership-only space where only participants in Pine Muse remake audition can enjoy benefits such as offline communication between audition winners and their fandoms, and meetings with mentors. The detailed plan for creating a ‘multi-culture complex’ will be released later.

NFT marketplace

NFT marketplace is a market that trades NFTs issued by Pine Muse. Platform users can purchase 'Remake Rights NFT,' 'Fandom NFT,' etc. in the market. Each NFT will be issued with various perks set by Pine Muse or the artist. Details will be released later.

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